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Re: RFS: php-ffmpeg

On 07/05/07, Romain Beauxis <toots@rastageeks.org> wrote:
Le Saturday 05 May 2007 02:59:10, vous avez écrit:
> > Ok, now as far as i can see, debian packaging stuff seems alright, but
> > there are some modifications on source files contained in the diff.gz. My
> > personal policy is to put everything in different patches, it makes life
> > much more easy later..
> The only changes made to the source code are:
> * Corrections to the files inside tests/ (some typo's)
> * The .orig.tar.gz has a directory called include, but this is removed
> when using phpize 5 --clean; so I renamed it to includes to prevent it
> from being removed by phpize5
> By the way, I'm currently keeping the header files that come with the
> package of upstream because php5's gd.h is a lot different and I
> haven't tried by making use of it, and libgd-dev's gd.h doesn't
> include the php stuff.

I don't want to discuss this but I won't sponsor without patches in debian/
Ok, I will move the modifications made to the files under tests/ to
I can't make one that moves tests/test_ffmpeg.php to ./ because that
file is deleted when calling phpize5 --clean (which is called at
clean, after unpatching).

I've also tried to compile without using the shipped gd.h but it isn't
possible because ffmpeg-php makes use of PHP's built-in gd library.
I'll anyways update the gd.h and gd_io.h with the PHP5 ones (using a
patch, of course).
Is there any better way to do this? because those two files are only
available when downloading the php5 source package, that means there's
no even simple way to update the file when it's changed on php5's

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