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Re: Advice on packaging SAGE

Oy. Top-posting isn't something I expect in Debian lists, even if
Gmail encourages it. ;-)

On 29/05/07, Javier Merino <cibervicho@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi, I'm also interested in packaging sage.

Cool. I've been meaning for the longest time to package a number of
mathematical pieces of software for Debian, beginning with surf,
Singular's plotting engine, followed by Singular itself, and LiDIA, a
number theory library. Unfortunately, I haven't been very committed,
and I stopped at the first difficulty I found when packaging surf.

As Bernard suggested, a starting point could be packaging those
programs that SAGE use and aren't yet in Debian: Singular, MWRank,
NTL and Linbox, but there could be more.

Heh. I already RFP'ed Singular (#369290) and ITP'ed surf
(#409077). Nice to know there's interest in these packages.

I'm not a Debian Developer, but I would like to help you getting
SAGE into Debian. I like what Neil said, it's a good idea to make an
Alioth team for it with a DD in it. If you decide to make the team,
mail me because I'll want to join it :-)

I kinda wonder what kind of focus such a team would have. Just for
SAGE or for the other pieces of software out there that ought to be
packaged? Octave already has its own team...

PS: Hablas castellano, ¿verdad?

Sí, claro.

- Jordi G. H.

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