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Re: RFS: gnome-rdp

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Laszlo Boszormenyi ha scritto:
> Hi David,

Hi Laszlo,

>  Well, I made a promise to myself that I don't do anything with code of
> vbali again,

Why, if I may ask? :-)

> I think forcing architecture for configure is a bit non-sense, I don't
> know how many use a 486 PC nowadays.

The configure rule in my debian/rules doesn't force any architecture. But I'm
going to check the upstream configure*.

> OK, real problems. Have you seen:
> dh_clideps: Warning: Could not resolve moduleref: gdk-x11-2.0.so.0 for: gnome-rdp.exe!
> ? It's in libgtk2.0-0 and might be needed as a dependency.

Yes, I saw it now (didn't see it before).
I've tried to add libgtk2.0-0 as a dependency, but it didn't work. I'm trying to
fix this, but it's just a warning (and the resulting executable works fine).
Any idea on this?

> Also why do you include sbin in the package? It does not contain
> anything.

This has been fixed. It was just the dh_make template staying there. I've
deleted debian/dirs and removed the call to dh_installdirs as well, since they
get automatically created by the Makefile.

> More important is that you force dependency on rdesktop,
> gnome-terminal, xtightvncviewer and openssh-client. What if I don't use
> all possibilities of gnome-rdp, so I don't need rdesktop for example?
> I think they are good for the 'Recommends:' field.

I think not. Recommends: does not imply that the user will install _at least_
one of those packages. So I've modified it into Depends: gnome-terminal |
rdesktop | xtightvncviewer | openssh-client. So you _must_ install at least one
of those packages.

> Regards,
> Laszlo/GCS


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