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Question about Debian doc-base


I'm maintaining a documentation package (cfi). After I adopted it, I did
the required changes in debian/*, but I tested that it wasn't "lintian
clear". The output:

E: cfi-en: doc-base-file-references-missing-file cfi-en:8
N:   One of the files referenced in an Index or Files field in this
N:   doc-base control file does not exist in the package. The doc-base
N:   control files should be installed by the package that provides the
N:   documents they are registering.

The error appeared in debian/cfi-en.doc-base :

Format: HTML
Files: /usr/share/doc/cfi-en/html/*.htm{,l}
Index: /usr/share/doc/cfi-en/html/index.html

I read the documentation (doc-base) to find a special format to cover
"html and htm" files, but I didn't find an answer.

My intuition guided me to do the following:

Format: HTML
Files: /usr/share/doc/cfi-en/html/*.htm
Files: /usr/share/doc/cfi-en/html/*.html
Index: /usr/share/doc/cfi-en/html/index.html

After that, the binary was "lintian & linda clean".

It was OK?

Thanks for your comments!

Miguel Angel Ruiz Manzano                    http://vulcano.mine.nu
Computer Science Student - PUCV - Chile
Debian Maintainer                 PGP key 1024D/0D3FD8A9 2005-06-03

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