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Re: Prompt to install missing software?


Am Sonntag, 27. Mai 2007 06:17 schrieb John Pye:
> Is there any way under Debian (and hopefully also Ubuntu) that I can
> trigger gtk-debi or something like that when the user requests to use
> the part of my program that depends on stuff they haven't installed yet?
> What would be the best way of doing that from python, if such a thing
> exists?

Frankly, the very first thing that comes to my mind about such a 
software: "Stupid program, shut up and don't get in my way".

If this feature is useful, use Recommends, period. You should also consider 
that a user may not have sysadmin rights and must go ask someone for this 
additional installation. If you are that person, how much would you like 
being pestered several times a day about such things?

Additionally, what if I don't have a network connection at that moment? Then 
this turns from "how nice, it asks me about additional stuff" to "great, I 
installed the package with all recommeded packages and still can't do what I 
want to do".


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