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Re: RFS: qgfe -- QT Gnuplot Front End

* Giorgio Pioda <gfwp@ticino.com> [070505 10:09]:
> I have a second version of the qgfe package that I builded after the
> review of the first one as listed previously in debian-mentors.

the first problems I stumbled over:

- It does not honor DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS (policy 10.1, I guess only some 
  but CXXFLAGS="$(CFLAGS)" is needed as argument for $(MAKE))

- clean does not remove the build qgfe binary nor the generated the Makefile

- there is no manpage (policy 12.1)

- there is no menu entry, see menufile(5).

- it ships a full copy of the GPL in .deb. If it is read somewhere,
  either change that place to read the file already installed on every
  Debian system or replace it with a link. If it is not used, just
  remove it.

- do you know where the icons are from and what copyright they are.
  Google find a file education_mathematics.png in rpm packages having
  the same md5sum and filesize, so perhaps they are taken from somwhere
  else without attribution.

- why do you specify a Dependency on libqt3-mt for the .deb in
  debian/control manually? (And with a version without epoch, so it
  gets even stranger?)

	Bernhard R. Link

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