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Re: RFS: ibpp

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Damyan Ivanov ha scritto:
> Hi, David,

Hi Damyan, thanks for your reply.

> As I understand it, the IBPP files are simply copied
> in /usr/include/ibpp. While this is not bad by itself, I wonder, what
> is the purpose of the package?
> Don't get me wrong, I am not against the package, it would be just
> interesting to hear the reasons why you need it.

Well, I've found a reference to "libibpp" when trying to repackage gambas2 (in
particular, the gb.db.firebird component, which provides firebird accessibility
to gambas projects).
So I've just decided to make this package: I think it's simpler having common
files in separate packages (I don't agree with Olivier's statement below).

> When packaging flamerobin, I talked to Olivier (IBPP lead developer)
> and his preference was not to make IBPP a separate *library* package,
> but simply continue to include it in the applications' source (as
> flamerobin does). Your package is not a library one, but still, did you
> talk to upstream stating your intention to package IBPP?

Well, not, I didn't talk to Olivier (or anybody else). I didn't think it was

>> It seems to me that the IBPP License is a free software license.
>> It can be read at <http://www.ibpp.org/license>. Should I contact
>> debian-legal?
> Flamerobin[1] includes IBPP in its sources and it passed
> d-legal and ftp-master approval.

I supposed that ;-)

> dam


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