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Re: RFS: lastfm (updated package)

On Wednesday 02 May 2007, Adeodato Simó wrote:
> For the next upload, there are some minor issues I'd like you to
> consider:
>   * remove "This file will be overwritten on upgrade" from
> lastfm.js
>   * install lastfm.desktop to /usr/share/applications instead of
>     /usr/share/applications/kde. I believe this way lastfm will
> appear in the GNOME menu as well.
>   * since lastfm.mozilla is not meant to be called directly by the
> user, put it under /usr/lib/lastfm, and adjust lastfm.js
> accordingly, and remove lastfm.mozilla.1. This is
> recommended/mandated by Policy.
>   * maybe s/unstable/UNRELEASED/ in those changelog entries that
> never got uploaded to the official archive.

OK.  I will definitely take care of those.  

> The canonical reference would be dh_install(1), and you can check
> any package in the archive: most use dh_install. As a brief
> summary, a debian/$package.install file contains a number of lines,
> each with a file to install (or a wildcard), followed by an
> optional destination of the file. The single thing dh_install can't
> do is renaming file. So, for example:
> -------8<-------------
> debian/lastfm.mozilla           /usr/bin
> bin/libLastFMTools.so.1*        /usr/lib
> bin/extensions                  /usr/lib/lastfm
> bin/services                    /usr/lib/lastfm
> i18n/*.qm                       /usr/lib/lastfm/i18n
> bin/data/about_generic.png      /usr/share/pixmaps/lastfm
> ...
> ------->8-------------
> With that, also the debian/dirs is mostly unnecessary, since needed
> directories are created by dh_install.

Great.  Thank you!  I will add that to the 'to do' list and do some 
more reading.

When -2 is ready should I upload to mentors and ping you?  Or would 
you prefer something different?


John Stamp

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