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Re: QGFE -- A question about no-stripping options

* Giorgio Pioda <gfwp@ticino.com> [070515 15:59]:
> I tried to run a dpkg-buildpackage with this variable set but in the
> output of dpkg-buildpackage nothing changes...
> Maybe the difference is only visible opening the program with the debugger??

Yes, the difference is only visible when looking at the resulting
binaries. The easiest way to differentiate is to build once with nostrip
and once without and compare the sized of the binaries within the
package. When they are massively larger, then nostrip has worked.

Usually nostrip needs no support in debian/rules because dh_strip
does the right thing. Only if the Makefiles you call do strip itself
or call install with the -s option, debian/rules has to look for nostrip
and disable that behaviour.

	Bernhard R. Link

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