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RFS: Ultrastar NG

Karaoke program under the GPL which is based off and looks similar to Singstar
for PS2.

UltraStar-NG [1] is based on UltraStar and allows you to add your own songs in
the forms of mp3s along with a song text and a music video file.

The packaging is being done the Debian Games Team SVN server [2].

Right now I'm creating 2 binary packages, one compiled against libxine and the
other one against gstreamer. There's a default void package depending on the
libxine version, as it is the one I'll be using by default (so that newbies
have it easier to choose).

There's a song available for testing in the Windows version (written in
Delphi) [3]. I've put it temporarily available [4] but I guess it cannot be
considerede DFSG-free in any way. There are songs for UltraStar available
everywhere anyway.

You can get the packages from here:


Comments and feedback, as always, are also welcome :)

[1] http://sourceforge.net/projects/ultrastar-ng/ 
[2] http://wiki.debian.org/Games/SVN
[3] http://sourceforge.net/projects/ultrastar/
[4] http://users.alioth.debian.org/~baby-guest/ultrastar-ng/songs.tgz

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