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Re: Installation path changes in -dev package

* Ming Hua [Tue, 08 May 2007 03:06:09 -0500]:

> Dear mentors,

Hi there,

> I am asking you if I handled this change properly, if I missed any
> procedure, and anything I can do better next time in a similar
> situation.

I had a look at the messages and bug you linked, and I think you handled
the situation very well. I wish more library maintainers took so much
care in warning their fellow maintainers about the changes ahead.

Very well, too, the point about binNMUability. I'd change "Optional" to
"Optional but highly desirable". ;-)

Finally, if you're sure all affected maintainers read the list, what you
did is ok. If not, custom practice is to CC them, just in case.

Good job!

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