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Merging packages

stunnel (which I'm adpoting) has two mutually incompatible major
upstream versions, 3 and 4. Back when 4 was first released, the
maintainer packaged it separately, as stunnel4, to avoid the major
grief of forcing such an update on users.

Since then, stunnel4 has grown a compatibility wrapper script and
stunnel3 has been deprecated upstream, with no releases for several
years. I would like to finally move the stunnel package over to
upstream version 4 and remove the stunnel4 package but I have some
doubts on how to proceed and would like some comments.

1. I'll be shipping the compatibility script as /usr/bin/stunnel3 and
the main v4 binary as /usr/bin/stunnel4. I'll ship a /usr/bin/stunnel
symlink pointing at the wrapper for now, and eventually (after lenny,
for sure) change it to point at the v4 binary.

2. Ditto for manpages

3. I will turn the stunnel4 package into a dummy that just pulls the
new stunnel.

4. stunnel v3 uses no configuration files, stunnel4 does and its
package has them installed on /etc/stunnel4 and similarly named files
and dirs. Since the surviving package is to be called stunnel, I think
it would be correct for its config files to have no '4' suffix on
their names. Nevertheles, I'd like stunnel4 users to have a painles
migration, which means somehow grabbing their stunnel4 files and
putting them in the new places. Is that a good idea? Should such
migration logic be put in the dummy transitional package? Or maybe I
should just live with funnily-named conf files for stunnel?


Rodrigo Gallardo
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