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Re: Question about a package conflict

On Monday 07 May 2007, John Stamp wrote:
> But will gconf have problems if 2 schema files are referencing the
> same url-handler?

Answering my own question: "Yes."

Let's say I have 2 packages 'a' and 'b' that want to register the same 
keys but in different schema files.

Install a, gconf registers the keys with a's settings.

Install b, and then the keys are registered with b's settings.  Remove 
b and the keys can disappear, even though a is still installed.

So to recap the options Steve mentioned:

> - give each package a unique schemas filename so that no conflict
>   is needed

Unfortunately it doesn't look like that will work, given what's above.

> - have one of the packages depend on the other (doesn't 
>   sound like a correct solution here)

I agree.

> - have both packages depend on a common file providing the schema
>   file (a bit heavy of a solution for a single schema file..)

I agree.

> - use alternatives or a diversion to decide which package's schema
>   file will be available under the named location (only appropriate
>   if the two packages have identical schema file contents)

Unfortunately, they don't have the same contents: they have different 
default commands for handling the url.  Maybe the maintainer of 
last-exit and I could agree to make them the same, but then we'd have 
to do alternatives for the schema file *and* alternatives for 
'/usr/bin/lastfm-player' or some such thing.  Or am I missing 

I guess there is option 5: forget the schemas file entirely and just 
use gconf/defaults/10_lastfm, like before.  #369907 won't be happy, 
because of the "This key has no schema" message, but it's less hairy 
than the above.

Any thoughts?

John Stamp

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