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ITP: libhttp

Hey Mentors!

I have recently put a package on mentros.debian.org called libhttp.

libhttp is a small library (c/c++) used to stream data transfers via a socket, 
similar to libcurl. The reason for this package is, it is needed in order for 
the latest Plucker release or snapshot (v1.9) to build the desktop 
portion/gui. Currently in Debian, the maintainer has dropped the *-desktop 
install due to the issues with the v1.8 of Plucker. This library will help us 
get that built as there are many users of Plucker and the GUI.

Here are the links to the library:

and the .dsc file
dget http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/l/libhttp/libhttp_1.1-1.dsc

Thanks everyone!

Rich Johnson
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