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Re: RFS: peless -- GTK Text browser

[added the list again]
-=| Giorgio Pioda, Thu, 24 May 2007 21:11:19 +0200 |=-
> > If I were you, I'd try to make "make install" not strip anything,
> > patching if necessary[1]. The problem with dh_install approach is
> > that you have to check carefully if there is something new to
> > install every now and then, which leads to problems (as already
> > seen).
> > 
> The world is nice because it is possible to find many different
> opinions...

I see your confusion and I understand it. It is not so good feeling to
try to satisfy contradicting requirements.

I, personally, will not sponsor a package that replaces a perfectly
working "make install" with broken dh_install usage. Even if
dh_install usage is fixed, I still don't like it. This, of course, does
not mean that nobody else will want to sponsor it.

About the signing. the .dsc file is (wrapped):
Format: 1.0
Source: peless
Binary: peless
c56508f8e052b10cd799c8e0a9253909 109646 peless_1.108.orig.tar.gz
ccdc4f9b61f88c324acbd707f03cb5d2 2659 peless_1.108-1.diff.gz

Compare this to (a random example)

Without a proper signature[1], how can I be sure that the .dsc file I am
downloading is the same you created?
dam            JabberID: dam@jabber.minus273.org

[1] missing trust-path aside

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