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Re: RFS: Kadu

Dnia środa, 2 maja 2007, Piotr Ożarowski napisał:
> * is there a reason why you don't use libgadu-dev package and
>   --with-existing-libgadu option? libgadu3 package has a newer version
>   of libgadu than the one shipped with kadu
Not really, actually I've always linked staticly against libgadu shipped with 
Kadu, since it's default. However it's a good idea to link libgadu from 
Debian package, besides it also resolves the problem of libgadu.h and 
libgadu.a in kadu-dev.
So I've added --with-existing-libgadu

> * clean_remaining_cruft.sh, line 14: "rm -rf /dev/null" ?
Well, it should be "2> /dev/null", but anyway since I use tarball.mk for some 
time now, this script is not needed anymore. I've removed it.

> * clean rule does not work (reverse patch failure)
Yeah, it took me several hours today to investigate this issue. It looks like 
#387103 still occurs (it was opposed to be fixed in version 0.4.48 of cdbs). 
Hal, gnome-volume-manager and postgresql-8.1 don't use tarball.km anymore, 
but alsojack-audio-connection-kit  (from #400290) still is. I've checked if 
the problem still occurs (in jack). Well, it does, so I guess it's a good 
idea to reopen #400290/#387103. Anyway it looks like a problem in cdbs.

> * checkbashisms didn't find any errors in *.sh files, why not use
>   "sh" instead of "bash" in debian/rules?
I was sure that tricks like ${string1%%string2} are bash specific. However 
I've also tested the scripts with /bin/dash and it works fine. So I've 
changed bash do sh. :)

> * please replace "See project's home page at:\n  http://kadu.net"; with
>   "  Homepage: http://kadu.net"; in long description (notice 2 leading
>   spaces)

> * why there's an empty line in changelog after line 10?
That's a very good question... ;) Well, I must have added this line by 

> * add "Section: libdevel" to kadu-dev

> * why kadu-dev depends on kadu?
Yeah, it shouldn't depend on Kadu. I've changed it to "Recommends".

> * is there a reason to keep uncompressed about-changes-tab.txt and
>   changelog.gz file? Why did you forbid compressing other docs?
Well, constructor of About class (which represents "About..." dialog) reads 
directly from AUTHORS, THANKS, LICENSE and about-changes-tab.txt files. 
Contents of these are put in "About..." dialogs tabs. So we need these files 
uncompressed. Since it's not obvious, I've also added this explanation to 
debian/changelog -- ftp-masters might also want to ask this question. :)

Package is in the same place as before:

Patryk Cisek

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