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Re: bugreport, debian, ubuntu


On 5/17/07, Paul Elliott <pelliott@io.com> wrote:
To this end, I have been using ubuntu 7.04 as a developement environment.
Is that wrong? If so, it could be a problem for me, because I have dialup
and it would take a long time to download a distribution dvd. I had
this ubuntu CD, (they seem to be everywhere), so I just started to use
it. Everyone tells me that ubuntu is a form of debian.

Well, everyone who has told you is wrong. It's more a fork/heavily
modified derivative than a variant. You can't build a package on
Ubuntu and expect it to just work with Debian.

If you can't download a full disc, then order a disc set from one of
the many Linux retailers on the net.

Anyway, today I thought I had all my files OK, and I could build a package,
so I thought to try to submit a "RFP".

I did a "bugreport --email pelliott@io.com wnpp"
but it never asked me to "Choose the request type:" like it
says in this web page:
finnaly when it began saying it was going to send the report off
to an ubuntu mailing list, I aborted it.

Is there a way to file a RFP from ubuntu? What am I doing wrong?

That's because reportbug in Ubuntu is set to report everything to
Ubuntu's bug tracker, not the Debian BTS.

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