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Re: RFS: Ultrastar NG

Hi !

I'm interested in getting UltraStar into Debian, and if you like I can
sponsor your uploads (after I take the time to review it more deeply).

A few comments as you requested =)

- this is personal, but I'd rather have -flavour rules, I feel it'd make
  it easier to maintain, given your current debian/rules it'd just be
  adding rule-flavour: before the flavour blocks.

  i.e. having a config-gst: and a config-xine: rule.

- personal too: Wouldn't ultrastarng-flavour package naming make more
  sense ? especially as it's the name of the binary ?

- You should state the licence of the added xpm too in the copyright
  file. Did you design them yourself ?

A part for those few points that are rather personal, the package seems
to be in a good shape.

Except that this software seems to be saying that I'm totally out of the
key, witch is obviously an RC bug !
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