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Re: Advice on packaging SAGE

On 5/29/07, Jordi Gutierrez Hermoso <jordigh@gmail.com> wrote:

Unfortunately, packaging it for Debian looks like a momentuous task.
SAGE, as it stands right now, distributes its own versions of a number
of other free software packages that are already in Debian

I'd suggest finding out what those patches are, getting them
integrated into octave/etc upstream and getting SAGE upstream to use
the new releases of those projects. Not an easy or quick task, but
worth it in the long run.

Alternatively hack SAGE to work with unpatched octave/etc, distribute
the result in Debian and somehow persuade SAGE to use those changes.

Find out if the SAGE developers changes to octave/etc are useful to
people who use octave/etc without using SAGE, if so, go the first



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