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Re: Copyright issues GPL-PHP license

On Sunday 6 May 2007 17:43, David Paleino wrote:
> Now, as Steve Langasek pointed out in that bug report:
> "PHP is GPL-incompatible. You cannot distribute GPL software together with
> GPL-incompatible software that it depends on without a license exemption
> from the copyright holder of the GPL software."

Although it's usually safe to assume that Steve Is Right, I think he's made a 
mistake in this specific case.

Note that the application is written in PHP, and not *based on* PHP. Based on 
PHP it would be if you'd take the C-code of the PHP interpreter and change it 
to create some new software.

I do not think that things like phpmyadmin, squirrelmail or phpbb are license 
violations. It's comparable to software written in C++: that's also not 
affected by the licence of the C++ compiler you use.

There have never been problems with phpmyadmin in the archive and I don't 
think there will be.

> What do you think about this? Should I file an ITP (the package is ready)?

However, I think his second point is still very valid. What does this package 
add to the archive? Is there actual use to it, that can't be provided by the 
webservers already present? Is it at all useful to write a webserver in PHP?


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