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Re: RFS: pastebinit

Thijs Kinkhorst ha scritto:
> Hi,

Hi Thijs,

> This does not say what a pastebin actually is. Please explain that briefly in 
> the description. I'm also not sure about the use of the word "actually", 
> maybe you mean "currently"? Or better just leave that word out: "It supports 
> these pastebins" is just as clear.


> As to the package, it looks good in general but I'm a bit concerned about you 
> taking the orig.tar.gz from Ubuntu and building a package around it. This 
> means that the upstream author has already made a .deb package, but that you 
> are re-doing his work for Debian, right?

I've taken the orig.tar.gz from Ubuntu because, as I explain in
debian/README.Debian-source, the upstream location doesn't provide version 0.8,
the latest, which is present in Ubuntu.

> To me it would make more sense to collaborate with the maker of the Ubuntu 
> package to make sure the package gets into Debian and can then be imported by 
> Ubuntu, rather than both maintaining separate instances.

I'll contact him, thanks for you suggestion.

> Thijs


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