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RFS: QGFE -- Qt Gnuplot front end -- should be mature now

Hello mentors,

the time has come to search for a sponsorship to upload qgfe (sid and
backports I would propose).

Qgfe is surely not the best GUI for a CLI program but in case of gnuplot
is the only one available (actually there is also an old tcl version but
is really very very old).

Many math-teachers will be happy for this upload!

I've corrected several issues:

* adherence to policy 10.1 - DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS - fixed and tested
* better description of the package
* copyright for icons inserted
* full text GPL License also inserted

lintian dont complain for anything; linda complain that an upstream
changelog is missing, but since I'm not the upstream mantainer and this
is the first qgfe-debian-package it should not be a problem...

download site:


Giorgio Pioda

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