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Re: Question about a package conflict

On Monday 07 May 2007, Steve Langasek wrote:
> Options:
> - give each package a unique schemas filename so that no conflict
>   is needed 
> - have one of the packages depend on the other (doesn't 
>   sound like a correct solution here)
> - have both packages depend on a common file providing the schema
>   file (a bit heavy of a solution for a single schema file..)
> - use alternatives or a diversion to decide which package's schema
>   file will be available under the named location (only appropriate
>   if the two packages have identical schema file contents)

The first option sounds like the best solution to me.  Thanks!  Since 
I'm adding the file myself, I suppose I can name it whatever I want.

But will gconf have problems if 2 schema files are referencing the 
same url-handler?


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