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Re: RFS: phpesp

On Monday 14 May 2007 22:17, Thijs Kinkhorst wrote:
> Hi,
> your package cannot be sponsored
> until webapps-common has also entered the archive, because it depends on
> it. So it's not that useful to ask for a sponsor now...
OK, I'll wait until webapps-common has entered the archive.

> * The debian dir contains a file 20070427.232755.cc9b68a5.en.html with the
> ITP. What's that about?
That's a mistake. Removed.

> * debian/changelog has "UNRELEASED" as the distribution, not "unstable".

> * You write "- After you've installed the packaged, log in as 'root' with
> the admin password you've entered during package configuration. The default
> password is 'phpesp'."
> When will the default password be used and when the one you entered during
> installation? That's not quite clear to me. And: s/packaged/package/
I've clarified the README.

> * debian/rules has a lot of install calls. Why not use dh_install?
Because I needed a mentor to tell me that I could :-)

> * You should send the nl.po to debian-l10n-dutch for review, as is the
> procedure for Dutch translations. I've spotted a tiny spelling error.
Done. (was the error in 'enquête'?)

> Otherwise it generally looks good, please feel free to ask again once your
> dependences are all available in Debian! Before that there's not much to
> do.
I understand, I'll be around later.

Thanks for your comments,


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