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Re: Copyright issues GPL-PHP license

2007/5/6, Neil Williams linux@codehelp.co.uk:

I would have thought that Steve's statement on that is clear - I
wouldn't expect many sponsors to disagree. The question is whether the
package merely uses PHP or whether it links into PHP. From my reading
of the bug report, nanoweb is not merely a PHP application.

Just trying to get a second (third, fourth, ...) opinion ;-)
I also share Vorlon's opinion about the package as a whole:

> In addition, the concept of a webserver written entirely in PHP is
> utterly abominable, an example of total programming putrifaction.  I
> expect this code to be so inherently unmaintainable that its very
> presence would warrant an RC bug.  As a DD and as a user of PHP, I
> would ask that this package not be uploaded to Debian.

As a fellow DD and as a user of PHP, I second that.

> Should I file an ITP (the package is ready)?

No. The package is not ready, it is not distributable and has no place
in Debian. Please don't dismiss vorlon's comments out-of-hand.

The package _is_ ready indeed. I've created it and installed it _on my
system_. It might have no place in Debian, though. But I'm not
dismissing Vorlon's comments anyhow!

You cannot blindly take all Ubuntu packages and assume that they can be
distributed in Debian.

I'm not doing this at all - sorry if I conveyed this.

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