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RFS: Kadu


I'm looking for a sponsor Kadu. It's a very popular graphical client of 
Gadu-Gadu instant messenger protocol (one of the most popular IM protocol in 
Poland). Kadu's been developed for several years now, and I'm responsible for 
creating binary packages for Debian and Ubuntu. However I think it would be 
great to have Kadu in Debian and Ubuntu. You can download the source package 
from http://kadu.net/~patryk/debian

* Package name: Kadu
* Description: Client for Gadu-Gadu instant messenger protocol (very popular 
in Poland)
* Version: 0.5.0
* Home page: http://kadu.net
* Source package: http://kadu.net/~patryk/debian
* License: Gnu/GPL

Patryk Cisek

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