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Re: peless-1.125-3 ready

-=| Giorgio Pioda, Mon, 28 May 2007 09:52:29 +0200 |=-
> Hi Damyan and Paul
> I've an updated package of peless:
> http://web.ticino.com/gfwp/debian/peless-1.125/peless_1.125-3.dsc
> Please take a look at! The rules still needs some tweaking for boost
> (even more than in the previous 1.108), but now is OK.

Still no dice :/

 * peless_1.125.orig.tar.gz is not *exactly* the same as on upstream

$ md5sum peless_1.125.orig.tar.gz 
150fdd1ae86c01485440397dc0a754ac  peless_1.125.orig.tar.gz

$ md5sum /tmp/peless-1.125.tar.bz2 
4f347a3adaabc89759300cbac241210a  /tmp/peless-1.125.tar.bz2

I downloaded the second one from berlios.de. Did you re-package the
orig.tar.gz? This was not the case with 1.108. Is there real need for

 * The changelog entries for 1.125 are from "Giorgio Pioda
<gfwp@linux.local.lan>" - this must match exactly the Maintainer: field
in debian/control. Did you check the package with lintian?

While there, is there a need for that *three* changelog entries for

Why not simply change the version of the 1.108-1 entry and leave it as
is, i.e. simply "initial release". Your package didn't hit Debian yet,
so no need to explain the changes.

There are exceptions, of course - if you have large number of
installations you want to upgrade or prefer to document the changes for
yourself. In this case please at least merge the three 1.125 entries
into one. I can't believe you've grown large user-base in 30 minutes :)

 * debian/copyright - can you change the download URL to the
distribution-neutral one? Same for debian/watch.

 * I am uncertain, but aren't the checks for BOOST redundant as you have
Build-Depends: libboost-regex-dev? I have no strong opinion about this,
just wondering.

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