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Re: Rebuilding the whole archive.

"Joe Smith" <unknown_kev_cat@hotmail.com> writes:
> The whole thing is a bit confusing.
> The alioth Buildd-tools project releases only sbuild, and schroot,
> but their SVN repository also contains buildd, and a (the?) wanna-build
> script.
> The only other repository I have found is:
> http://svn.cyberhqz.com/svn/wanna-build/
> Which apears to have buildd, sbuild, and wanna-build, but not schroot.

Yes, the tools there are (mostly) [1] the versions used in the official
Debian buildds. schroot is simply not in use on the buildds.


[1]  One or two boxes are running a more experimental version, to test
     changes before comitting them to the repository
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