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Re: Prompt to install missing software?

On 5/27/07, John Pye <john@curioussymbols.com> wrote:
I found the original code in GNOME just pops up a message, see
check_ntp_support in

This would mean that the changes are Ubuntu specific, which is
understandable.  I wasn't specific enough in my first reply, but I
meant that you should check Ubuntu's source packages:

I think the first version that had the automatic install functionality
was either Dapper or Edgy.  One other thing to watch out for is
whether your users prefer su or sudo ( and gksu or gksudo), I'm not
sure if there's a standardized way to check for this in Debian.

The following seems mildly related:

This is different, the packages don't get installed automatically in this case.

To everyone else on this thread that somehow thinks this is a bad
idea, you should also check out what time-admin does in Feisty.  It's
simply a prompt that pops up when you try to turn on ntp as a service,
which tells you that you need ntp, and asks you if you want to install
it.  I'm not sure what that specific UI does if the user isn't allowed
to sudo, but it can't be worse than not prompting at all.

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