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Packages looking for a good home


Due to a reduction of my free time and a lack of interest in some of
my packages I've decided to put some up for adoption. None of them are
particularly taxing and most have dormant upstreams. If no one is
interested in them I may just ask for their removal.

blktool #420370
Supposed to be a more general version of hdparm. Didn't seem to take

bubblemon #420367
Bubbling activity monitor for the gnome panel.

cvsdelta #420557
Summarizes the differences in a CVS repository. I'm not using a whole
lot of CVS these days.

libmail-srs-perl #421536
SRS library for Perl. I never really got onto the SPF/SRS bandwagon. 

qc-usb #421444
Device driver for some really old quickcam cams. I still have one so
if you're interested in taking the package I could probably arrange to
ship you my camera.

Eric Dorland <eric@kuroneko.ca>
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