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Re: RFS: Kadu

Dnia czwartek, 3 maja 2007, Piotr Ożarowski napisał:
>  s,kadu.net",kadu.net
> or:
>  s,kadu.net",kadu.net/
> (remove quotation mark)
Copy - Paste syndrome. ;)

> Few more comments I missed last time:
> * kadu.desktop file: "Comment[pl]=Klient protocołu Gadu-Gadu"
>                                          ^^^^^^^^^
>   should be "protokołu", IMHO ;-)
Definitely. :) Fixed.

> * kadu-themes package: "Recommends: kadu (= ${Source-Version})"
>   how about: "Recommends: kadu" or: "Recommends: kadu (>= 0.5.0-1)"
It's now "Recommends: kadu"

> * /usr/share/kadu/themes/icons/kadu.xpm - why not install it into
>   /usr/share/pixmaps/ ?
Yeah, Good idea, since this directory holds other applications icons.

> * please add info about your packaging copyrights to debian/copyright,
>   something like:
> | The Debian packaging is (C) 200X-2007, Patryk Cisek <patryk@prezu.one.pl>
> | and is licensed under the GPL.
I'm project's packages maintainer a year now, but this package has been 
rewritten, also debian/changelog and README.Debian indicate, that this 
package has been debianized on May 2., so I decided to put (C) for only 2007.

> please put a link to .dsc file next time (yeah, I'm lazy and I use dget
> to download sources ;-)
Sure thing. :)

Patryk Cisek

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