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Re: Copyright issues GPL-PHP license

On Sun, 2007-05-06 at 17:43 +0200, David Paleino wrote:
> I've successfully packaged "nanoweb".
> There already is a bug open [3], but if you read over there, there are (were)
> some copyright issues. In fact, the program itself is released under GPLv2 (and
> later), while it is based on PHP, which is release under "The PHP License" [4]
> and, as regards the "Zend Component", "The Zend Engine License" [5].
> Now, as Steve Langasek pointed out in that bug report:
> "PHP is GPL-incompatible. You cannot distribute GPL software together with
> GPL-incompatible software that it depends on without a license exemption from
> the copyright holder of the GPL software."
> What do you think about this? 

I think that Steve is usually right about such things. :)

> Should I file an ITP (the package is ready)?

No, don't file a new ITP, but retitle the existing RFP if you intend to
work on packaging this software.

> Should I contact debian-legal (I'll look in their archives before)?

That could be a good idea to get advice.

At first sight, the first step you could try, is to contact the
copyright holder of the part licensed with the GPL and ask for the
exception(exemption?) Steve mentioned.

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