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Re: Rebuilding the whole archive.

"Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt" <he@ftwca.de> wrote in message 87646rubtf.fsf@pindar.marcbrockschmidt.de">news:87646rubtf.fsf@pindar.marcbrockschmidt.de...
No, it isn't. [1]


[1]  Hint: All build logs contain a version string.

Is that not the SVN repository for sbuild, et al?

The whole thing is a bit confusing.
The alioth Buildd-tools project releases only sbuild, and schroot,
but their SVN repository also contains buildd, and a (the?) wanna-build script.

The only other repository I have found is: http://svn.cyberhqz.com/svn/wanna-build/
Which apears to have buildd, sbuild, and wanna-build, but not schroot.

It really seems absurd that such critical parts of the infrustruture are not available as debian packages. It seems like that would simplify the lives of the DSA team, for example. What am I missing?

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