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Re: RFS: enblend

Hi Sebastian,

thanks for your help, i really appreciate it ;P.

On Wed, May 30, 2007 at 12:15:03AM +0200, Sebastian Harl wrote:
> * There are two ITP's for enblend already (#294389 and #390655) - Florent
>   Bayle and I are up to packaging it. I don't really care if you want to join
>   the team (or maybe even package it on your own) but it would have been nice
>   to contact us before that (there is a reason why we still have not uploaded
>   a package yet - see below).

Oh, i'm sorry! Seems like i've overlooked those two. I don't know what
you've done so far, but if it would be really really nice if i could
either join you or do the package. Just tell me what would be better ;P.
>   - The files under src/win32helpers are released under the 4-clause BSD
> 	license which is incompatible with the GPL. Thus distributing them as part
> 	of a GPL'ed program is illegal - the .orig.tar.gz should be repackaged to
> 	not include those files (they are only needed under Windows anyway) and
> 	'+dfsg' should be added to the version number.

Okay, i removed those files. Adding +dfsg to the version number means
that the package is modified to comply, right? But why is it done then -
i thought every package in main has to comply with dfsg, so its clear
that the packages in main either comply or are modified to comply by the
packager. (don't get me wrong - i dont put adding +dfsg in question, i
just want to understand why its done ;P).
>   - The files src/vigra_impex/rgbe.* were written by Bruce Walter and Greg
> 	Ward (not mentioned in the copyright file) and do not include any clear
> 	license information. Especially they do not explicitly allow any
> 	redistribution which makes them DFSG-nonfree. (This is the reason why I
> 	did not have any packages uploaded so far).

Okay. have you contacted Greg Ward Larson yet to asking him to relicense
/ clearify the license yet? If not i would do that.

Thanks alot for the help.

- Dario Ernst

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