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Build package first, or change to ITA first?

Hi everyone,

I'd like to contribute to Debian by adopting a package. I've spotted a very simple one - libphp-pclzip - which needs adopting, and I've contacted the current maintainer about this.

It's quite a simple package, but I still have quite a lot of reading to do, to understand the Debian packaging process.

I was wondering whether I should change the package from "RFA" to "ITA" now, even though I've got some way to go before I'm competent enough to create packages. I feel that adopting the package, when I won't be able to package it properly for a while yet, might not be the best thing to do.

On the other hand, to avoid someone else working on the package and duplicating the work, I feel that I should change it to "ITA" now. Also, it might not need to be packaged in the near future (there are currently no open bugs for this package), giving me time to get up to speed.

Does anyone have any advice?


Richard Fearn

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