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Re: RFS: Kadu

[Patryk Cisek, 03.05.2007]
> Dnia środa, 2 maja 2007, Piotr Ożarowski napisał:
> > * clean rule does not work (reverse patch failure)
> Yeah, it took me several hours today to investigate this issue. It looks like 
> #387103 still occurs (it was opposed to be fixed in version 0.4.48 of cdbs). 
> Hal, gnome-volume-manager and postgresql-8.1 don't use tarball.km anymore, 
> but alsojack-audio-connection-kit  (from #400290) still is. I've checked if 
> the problem still occurs (in jack). Well, it does, so I guess it's a good 
> idea to reopen #400290/#387103. Anyway it looks like a problem in cdbs.

as a temporary workaround you can add to debian/rules (*after* includes):

| reverse-patches:
|	-rm debian/stamp-patch-*

> > * please replace "See project's home page at:\n  http://kadu.net"; with
> >   "  Homepage: http://kadu.net"; in long description (notice 2 leading
> >   spaces)
> Done.


(remove quotation mark)

Few more comments I missed last time:
* kadu.desktop file: "Comment[pl]=Klient protocołu Gadu-Gadu"
  should be "protokołu", IMHO ;-)
* kadu-themes package: "Recommends: kadu (= ${Source-Version})"
  how about: "Recommends: kadu" or: "Recommends: kadu (>= 0.5.0-1)"
* /usr/share/kadu/themes/icons/kadu.xpm - why not install it into
  /usr/share/pixmaps/ ?
* please add info about your packaging copyrights to debian/copyright,
  something like:

| The Debian packaging is (C) 200X-2007, Patryk Cisek <patryk@prezu.one.pl> and
| is licensed under the GPL.

should be ok

> Package is in the same place as before:
> http://kadu.net/~patryk/debian/

please put a link to .dsc file next time (yeah, I'm lazy and I use dget
to download sources ;-)

-=[     Piotr Ozarowski     ]=-
-=[ http://www.ozarowski.pl ]=-

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