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Re: Question about a package conflict

On Monday 07 May 2007, Steve Langasek wrote:
> - have both packages depend on a common file providing the schema
> file (a bit heavy of a solution for a single schema file..)

What if I split lastfm into 'lastfm' and 'lastfm-gconf' and then have 
lastfm Suggests: lastfm-gconf?  This may still be heavy just for one 
file.  But then again that one file is causing the package to depend 
on gconf2 and all its dependencies...

Perhaps I could then coordinate with the last-exit maintainer so 
last-exit and lastfm-gconf conflict.

Does that sound reasonable?

For now though, I pinged my sponsor and uploaded a new version to 
mentors which should at least take care of #422720.


John Stamp

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