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Re: RFS: revoco

-=| Evgeni Golov,  6.05.2007 01:39 |=-
> On Sat, 05 May 2007 20:52:33 +0300 Damyan Ivanov wrote:
>>> http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/r/revoco/revoco_0.3-1.dsc
>> SUID binary... this is scaring me. Is it really necessary?
> Well, it is not necessary, but helps $USER to control the mouse.
> You need to write some hex-values to /dev/usb/hiddevX to change the
> settings of the mouse, and as this file is owned by root, you need
> either to be root or to change the permissions... The possibilities to
> work with are:
> 1. let the binary as it is, and tell $USER he has to use sudo or su
> 2. set the binary suid-root (the code looks OK for me - IANASE)
> 3. create some new group and let udev give this group write permission
> to the 'file' -> IMHO overkill for such a small util

I guess this is the only way to give user permissions to write to that
file. If you don't want to invent a new group for this - look at the
groups that are already used - there may be some useful for "desktop
users". If not, IMHO another group is not that much of an overhead.

> I could live with 1, but I think 2 is more userfriendly.

3. would be user-friendly too :)

>> You set CFLAGS in debian/rules and then patch Makefile to contain the
>> same CFLAGS. I'd remove the CFLAGS from Makefile at all to leave only
>> one place to change (if there is need).
> Hm, yeah. The problem is, I need -DVERSION=foo in CFLAGS, which I think
> I should not set from debian/rules... I've changed the patch now to
> -CFLAGS=-Os -DVERSION=\"$(V)\"
> +CFLAGS += -DVERSION=\"$(V)\"
> and call
> from debian/rules - why the hell I need to set them before make?

make is black magic :)


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