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Re: Fix a bug located in a dependency

On Thu, 24 May 2007, Jörg Sommer wrote:
> I really would like to hear you oppinion about the following matter:
> Package A depends on libB. There's a bug in libB. A bug report was files
> to package A, because the submitter spotted the bug in package A.
> What would you, as maintainer of package A, do?

Either 1) reassign the bug to libB itself, or 2) reassign the bug to
both libB,A or 3) clone the bug and reassign the clone.
You should do 1) if it is unlikely that someone is going to file the
bug against A again before libB is fixed.

You should do 2) if it is likely that someone will file a duplicate
against A, but people who would file duplicates would actually read
the BTS before filing them. In this case, the bug should be marked
found in the appropriate source version of libB, and not marked as
found in any version of A.

You should do 3) if the reasoning in 2) applies and there is something
that needs to be done to package A to fix the bug.

Just to reiterate, the only time you should assign a bug to multiple
packages at the same time (#2) is if the bug can be completely fixed
by fixing the bug in one of the packages.

Don Armstrong

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