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Searching tool before to start to create it

Dear Mentors,

Before to start to create a new package, I'd like to ask you: Does it

already exist.

The goal of this tools is to work like initscripts mechanism.

A program like "initd" could accept command-line like this:

initd [DIRECTORY] [OPTION] ...

[DIRECTORY] = directory contains scripts (not daemon style)

[OPTION] = command to give to deamons.

Why I need it ?

My provider have created a suite of program not like as deamons

To start this application, I need to load each scripts (and respect the


To stop this applications, I need to kill each process (and respect the

opposite order)

With the "initd" concept, I could control initialisation of all application

with only one command (very useful because it must work with DRBD !)

Is this program "initd-like" does already exist ?


I think to use "run-parts" and "start-stop-daemon" tools to create

my program.

What name is more appropriate for this tool ?

Initialize Directory as Daemons : initdd, initd, dinit .... ?

Thank you for your help or your point of view and reflexions.

Sorry for my poor english...




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