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Re: packages newer in Ubuntu than in Debian (reduced false positives)

Hello Bart,

is there some kind of agreement between Debian and Ubuntu concerning the distribution part of the version?

I ask this because you seem to assume that:
	X.Y.Z-K (Debian) << X.Y.Z-L (Ubuntu)
	X.Y.Z-K (Debian) << X.Y.Z-KubuntuA (Ubuntu)
	(also dfsg stuff doesn't seem to be completely right)

I would suggest that you split your report between:
	1) A.B.C << X.Y.Z
	2) X.Y.Z-KKK << X.Y.Z-LLL

The 2nd part would be a watchout (yellow) whereas the 1st part would really mean a different version of the software (red). Well... Not always true but good enough :-) (check liblog4net-cil with 1.2.8+1.2.9beta-1 vs. 1.2.9beta-0ubuntu2)

Cheers, Eric

Bart Martens wrote:
On Tue, 2007-05-01 at 11:49 +0200, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
* Bart Martens <bartm@debian.org> [2007-05-01 11:21]:
Another approach for identifying packages to be updated in Debian to
newer upstream releases is by comparing Debian with Ubuntu.  Here is a
list of packages that are newer in Ubuntu than in Debian, grouped by
The first package in your list shows that you're not handling epochs
properly.  1.0~rc1-13 vs 2:1.0~rc1-0ubuntu9.  Debian isn't out of date
here.  You need to ignore epochs.

The handling of epochs is correct, but some packages have different
epochs in Debian and Ubuntu for the same upstream version.

I have updated the list to hide packages with identical upstream version
numbers but with different epochs.  This might hide some real positives
but most likely hides more false positives.

So thanks for the feedback; this is useful.


Bart Martens

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