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build two binary packages with different configure parameters


I have a package which uses debhelper at build time, and is built by a
rather simple configure - make - make install triathlon. As it fails
badly on xen, the xen people ask to provide a xen-enabled binary

Thus, I need to build the package once with a normal configure, and a
second time with configure --with-extra-libs=foo. The rest of the
build process is identical.

All packages that I have seen which do this duplicate the entire build
process in debian/rules by having configure-foo, configure-bar,
build-foo, build-bar, install-foo and install-bar targets along with
all stamps explicitly doubled. I hate the idea of having to do this
with my package just to have a single different configure call.

Is there any more elegant way to do this? If so, which package uses it
that I can steal from?

Any hints will be appreciated.


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