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Re: Advice on packaging SAGE

* Jordi Gutierrez Hermoso <jordigh@gmail.com> [070529 21:37]:
> >As Bernard suggested, a starting point could be packaging those
> >programs that SAGE use and aren't yet in Debian: Singular, MWRank,
> >NTL and Linbox, but there could be more.

I think one already quite big task is already NTL. (as that is for
example already needed for singular).
Currently it is a static-only library, even a C++ library.
And I guess it might be quite relevant for speed how it is built.
(Building it as dynamic library (as requested by policy unless there
are very good reasons against it) might even speed things up, as then
the dynamic loader can load a variant of the library compiled for the
the features the processor has. (though one has to test if that is also
the case on i686, as register pressure due to pic code pushes in the
other direction.)
Migrating a library to a shared one, either supporting and hinting
upstream, or doing it on your own, looking over future changes and
keeping an abi stable is a task not everyone can do, doing it with
a C++ library reduces possible candidates even more.

> I kinda wonder what kind of focus such a team would have. Just for
> SAGE or for the other pieces of software out there that ought to be
> packaged? Octave already has its own team...

I guess an overall mathematical software project would be worthwhile.
(Which of course would be a "mathematical software that no other single
 person or team cares for").

	Bernhard R. Link

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