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Re: RFS: Kadu

All licence issues finally resolved? Great!

[Patryk Cisek, 02.05.2007]
> I'm looking for a sponsor Kadu.

package looks really good, I have few comments though:

* is there a reason why you don't use libgadu-dev package and
  --with-existing-libgadu option? libgadu3 package has a newer version
  of libgadu than the one shipped with kadu
* clean_remaining_cruft.sh, line 14: "rm -rf /dev/null" ?
* clean rule does not work (reverse patch failure)
* checkbashisms didn't find any errors in *.sh files, why not use
  "sh" instead of "bash" in debian/rules?
* please replace "See project's home page at:\n  http://kadu.net"; with 
  "  Homepage: http://kadu.net"; in long description (notice 2 leading
* why there's an empty line in changelog after line 10?
* /usr/include/libgadu.h and /usr/lib/libgadu.a (kadu-dev package) are
  also in libgadu-dev package, remove them or add libgadu-dev to Conflicts:
* add "Section: libdevel" to kadu-dev
* why kadu-dev depends on kadu?
* is there a reason to keep uncompressed about-changes-tab.txt and 
  changelog.gz file? Why did you forbid compressing other docs?

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