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RFS: qgfe -- QT Gnuplot Front End

Hallo mentors,

I have a second version of the qgfe package that I builded after the
review of the first one as listed previously in debian-mentors.

It compiles nicely with dpkg under i386-sid and also under amd64-etch.

It is a good software in combination with gnuplot, xfig and texmacs for
math-teachers to write quickly high-quality texts and is a long waited
package for many debian users, I think.

Name: qgfe-1.0

Licence: GPL v. 2

Architecture: any

Description: QGFE is a Graphical front end for Gnuplot to make life
easier using Gluplot.

The only similar package is based on tcl and is very very old and

Download: http://web.ticino.com/gfwp/debian/qgfe-1.0/



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