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Re: RFS: Ultrastar NG

--- Niv Sardi <xaiki@debian.org> escribió:

> Hi !
> I'm interested in getting UltraStar into Debian, and if you like I can
> sponsor your uploads (after I take the time to review it more deeply).


This version of the package has already been uploaded, and is waiting in the
NEW queue, but may I count on you for later uploads? :)

> A few comments as you requested =)


> - this is personal, but I'd rather have -flavour rules, I feel it'd make
>   it easier to maintain, given your current debian/rules it'd just be
>   adding rule-flavour: before the flavour blocks.
>   i.e. having a config-gst: and a config-xine: rule.

Hmmm.. yup, it makes sense, I'll try to change the building system to handle
that, it should be quite straight forward :)

> - personal too: Wouldn't ultrastarng-flavour package naming make more
>   sense ? especially as it's the name of the binary ?

I was in doubt about that. The binary is called ultrastarng, but the project
in sourceforge is called ultrastar-ng. I finally thought that ultrastar-ng
would fit better, because it would make clear that ultrastar and ng are
different words. Otherwise it's quite a confusing name.

> - You should state the licence of the added xpm too in the copyright
>   file. Did you design them yourself ?

Yup, I did it myself, based on the graphics included in the themes (which are
GPL'ed). It is, of course, GPL'ed as the rest of the packaging-related files

> A part for those few points that are rather personal, the package seems
> to be in a good shape.
> Except that this software seems to be saying that I'm totally out of the
> key, witch is obviously an RC bug !

Heh, but is it that a bug in the program or in the user? :P ;)


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