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Re: Symbol-versioning a C++ library

On 2007-05-25, Florian Weimer <fw@deneb.enyo.de> wrote:
> * Bas Wijnen:
>> This is slightly off-topic, for which I apologise.  It's just that I
>> learned about symbol versioning during my NM process, and nobody outside
>> Debian seems to understand what it is. :-(
> *sigh* It's a bit sad that this is still being used in the NM process.


I have just been thru that part about symbol versioning and -Bsymbolic.
And it was indeed very hard to get right. And I did swear several times
during my answering.

I am - now - very glad that my AM actually took me thru those parts. I
disliked it while it was going on, but I really learned a lot.

I have not yet used that specific part of my knowledge about neither
-Bsymbolic nor symbol versioning, but I have already ended up in
using the stuff I learned on the way.


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