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Re: RFS: pastebinit


> I am looking for a sponsor for my package "pastebinit".

I've taken a look.

>  pastebinit is a command-line tool to send data
>  to a "pastebin".
>  .
>  It can receive data from a pipe or from a file
>  passed as argument.
>  .
>  It actually supports these pastebins:
>   - http://paste.stgraber.org
>   - http://1t2.us
>   - http://pastebin.com
>   - http://pastebin.ca

This does not say what a pastebin actually is. Please explain that briefly in 
the description. I'm also not sure about the use of the word "actually", 
maybe you mean "currently"? Or better just leave that word out: "It supports 
these pastebins" is just as clear.

As to the package, it looks good in general but I'm a bit concerned about you 
taking the orig.tar.gz from Ubuntu and building a package around it. This 
means that the upstream author has already made a .deb package, but that you 
are re-doing his work for Debian, right?

To me it would make more sense to collaborate with the maker of the Ubuntu 
package to make sure the package gets into Debian and can then be imported by 
Ubuntu, rather than both maintaining separate instances.


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