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Re: Status of wired

On Sat, 2007-05-19 at 18:25 +0200, Nico Golde wrote:
> Hallo Toby,
> * Toby Smithe <tsmithe@ubuntu.com> [2007-05-19 18:19]:
> > I noticed an ITP for `wired` on the BTS. I was wondering, since I have
> > now adopted this package, what it's status on Mentors was. It doesn't
> > seem to be there now, and I have packaged a new version. Should I add to
> > the old bug report, or open a new one? The ITP report is #394755.

That should have read, "...since I seem to have now adopted this

> I didn't see any RFS for it here on the list so I guess you 
> talk to the owner of the ITP if he is still interested in 
> maintaining it (then he should ask for an RFS) or not.

Will do.

> > My next question is this: should I first have the package accepted into
> > Ubuntu Gutsy before getting it to Debian, or should I do the reverse?
> I don't really understand this question, package it for the 
> distribution you want to contribute too.

I use Ubuntu, which derives from Debian. I want to keep the
Debian-Ubuntu delta as small as possible, so as to benefit as many
people as possible. Like Ubuntu syncs from Debian, I want to get my
package, wired, into Debian as well as Ubuntu.

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