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Re: RFS: phpesp


> I am looking for a sponsor for my package "phpesp".

I've taken a look at your package. I've got the following comments:

> The phpesp package uses webapps-common (and through it dbconfig-common) to
> configure the web server and database. Webapps-common, implementing the
> draft Debian web applications policy, should be uploaded to Debian soon
> (according to Sean Finney, its author). You can find the webapps-common
> .deb I've used (built from svn head) at
> http://www.vanbest.org/janpascal/debian/phpesp/webapps-common_0.7_all.deb

* This is indeed a great development, but your package cannot be sponsored 
until webapps-common has also entered the archive, because it depends on it. 
So it's not that useful to ask for a sponsor now...

* The debian dir contains a file 20070427.232755.cc9b68a5.en.html with the 
ITP. What's that about?

* debian/changelog has "UNRELEASED" as the distribution, not "unstable".

* You write "- After you've installed the packaged, log in as 'root' with the 
admin password you've entered during package configuration. The default
password is 'phpesp'."
When will the default password be used and when the one you entered during 
installation? That's not quite clear to me. And: s/packaged/package/

* debian/rules has a lot of install calls. Why not use dh_install?

* You should send the nl.po to debian-l10n-dutch for review, as is the 
procedure for Dutch translations. I've spotted a tiny spelling error.

Otherwise it generally looks good, please feel free to ask again once your 
dependences are all available in Debian! Before that there's not much to do.


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